Past The Sun And Moon


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Collabs. yahnLOOKEpicard(Minneapolis), Handbook(York,UK), Beat Machine Aron(Iceland), King Boom(Little Rock, Arkansas), Anomeric(California), Rendition(Amsterdam), Arthritis(California), Pepil Pew(Japan), Keor Meteor(Paris), Melodiesinfonie(Switzerland)


released October 15, 2011

copyright 2011. All songs written and vocal production by COR STIDAK. All beats produced by the respective and listed beatmakers. Recorded and mixed at Catacombs/SSL, Va. Beach, except 1 mixed by yahn LOOKE picard, 4 mixed by Keor Meteor, and 6 mixed by Rendition Beats. PEACE!!


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Track Name: Master The Art [prod. by Yahn Looke Picard]
"crabs in a barrel with knock-off apparrel
try to walk the road narrow
but flesh and bone marrow get baked and caked up
fake as artificial sweeteners
the lost scrolls unfold, your preachers in a sleeper hold."
Track Name: Slippin' My Mind [prod. by Beat Machine Aron]
"I put my face to the pavement,
thanks and praises I made my engagement
A hundred faces that hunger for the craze shit,
Stidakizm, black wisdom of the ages,
crack riddims, battle hymns from the slaveships,
cloak and dagger cadaver rappers and double agents.."
Track Name: Durty Bomb [prod. by King Boom]
"roast your toast til you overdose, fold your notes
matter fact you better hold it close
so and so got people hypnotized with a holy ghost
row your boats with stolen quotes..."
Track Name: Nothing To Seek [prod. by Keor Meteor]
"In the beginning there was nothing, from nothing rose the one,
mind spark scatter ther dark to expose the sun,
thru the thunder, the frozen tundra, under the thumb,
young, dumb connundrum,
stun gun dysfunction.."
Track Name: With Love From Us Nasty Kidz [prod. by Anomeric]
"I'm not responsible for stolen hearts,
you left it layin' 'round, came around
playing like you major now,
Stidak, green, scotch, clean with a water back,
you sippin' pink bubbles actin' like you all of that.."
Track Name: Pure Love [prod. by Rendition Beats]
"...and here we are in the present day
where everything around us seems more chaotic
than yesterday,
but when the record play the stress starts to melt away.."
Track Name: Gray Dayzz [prod. by Arthritis]
"..they say you die alone but that's clearly not the case
'cuz you passed and everything around you
turned a shade of gray
Day to day our physicals appear only to fade away
like old graffiti murals on the wall
but my Daddy say,
'don't bring me flowers when I'm dead, bless my living life.."
Track Name: The Beautiful Cruelty [prod. by Melodiesinfonie]
"Time travel to unravel cocoons,
when the walls come tumblin' down
peep the sound,
deep underground where the rocks get vibrant
and bring forth minerals,
sometimes violent
sometimes silent.."
Track Name: Midnight Blue [prod. by Pepil Pew]
"Low down dirty backroom deals where caps peel for real
to reveal trap schematics concealed in black fabric,
said the antidote to wack was Stidak mathmatics,
many doubted the tactics now they travelling backwards.."
Track Name: Derelict Mind Whip [prod. by Handbook]
" liquor bottles hollow as rappers and models who follow the dollar, and only end up with about a dollar."